Select button "Capped" located on webpage which is read from the datatable

So have a datatable read from a csv file where I have the “Capped” row stored under the column called DataType.
On my webpage I need to select the “Capped” button which is read from the datatable.
Please can you assist me as I have been looking for a solution for hours :frowning:

test.xaml (6.9 KB)

Hello @Nyx_Green , I think you have to define which row you are going to use.
So, if you want to get the first row of your CSV data, put this on your Select Item:



Select item ‘BUTTON’ : Attribute not supported by the current UiNode. - this error message is being displayed

@Nyx_Green Can you share the website link that your trying


@Nyx_Green In this link where is Capped Buttton? can you share that link

Hi I have updated the xaml to the link and confirm that it is now relevant

test.xaml (9.2 KB)

@Nyx_Green Its with attach browser use open browser and send it

Hi indra

I still get: Click text ‘FORM’ : The method or operation is not implemented.