Select Attribute which has innerhtml equal to something. (Inside Data Scrapping)

Since Data scraping is used to extract structured Data, I am trying to Scrap Github Stars from my repositories as shown below:

Though this is a consistent data, a small inconsistency remains which is if a repository is either starre or forked, it’s impossible to identify if its starred or forked.

What I realized is that the only way to determine if the repository is starred or forked is by looking into it’s inner html which sets aria-label='star' or aria-label='fork' but not sure if UIPath supports any such property where one can input innerhtml attribute contains or so…

Can someone please help me scrapping this data? The end result is to scrap Repository Name, Stars (If they Exist) and Fork (If they Exist). You can have this link for the reference:


Could you please refer the below thread. it might helpful for your requirement on adding inner html attributes in the extract structure meta data. thanks.

Hmm that problem seems to be specific to single element and lot of other specifications which is generic in my case, Do you mind sharing the solution around it in form of Xaml file with the public link that I have shared?