Select and Loop through X Number of Items in Array

Hello, thank in advance for the assistance.

I am having an issue here and i don’t know how to go about it. I have a dynamic array with a dynamic number of items in it. I want to loop through X number of items at the time but i am not sure about it.

So lest say arrayVariable.Count = 250.
I want to have a for each that loops through the first 50 for example, and i am using arrayVariable.take(50). But how do i get it to go back and get the next 50, and the next 50 until there is no more and then continue with the process

That will be like this:


So you should create variables with those numbers and keep increasing 50 each time in the loop.

I am not sure i follow, how do i incorporate this in my For each activity?

You will use a While loop and not a For Each… both skip and take will be variables, skip variable start with 0 and take as 50, you will need some if conditions and assign activities to check if there is more itens to fetch…

find some starter help here:
ForEach_Segment_ArrayItemSets.xaml (9.0 KB)