Select and click multiple selection button

Hi I need to select dynamic selection button to full fill my process. Need help on how to solve the issue.
Attached screen capture on the selection.Need to check the button enable or disable The row is dynamic it could be more than 2.pdf (201.8 KB)

mostly in this cases selectors are same like select1, select2 and so on.
you can use wild characters in selector to make it work in dynamic manner.

Hi Reshmamore,

Can you help to provide sample xml.

Thank you

May not be the best approach. Just in case it helps let me know.

TableWithCheckbox.xaml (10.8 KB)

Rammohan B.

Hi @jamuri,

Use Find children activity to get the all the check box in the table.

Use get attributes to check the check box is enabled or not
Check “aaname” property you may see the difference between enabled check box and normal checkbox


Thank you