Select an item dynamically from PDF

I have multiple rows and columns in PDF where there is a column which is unique based on which i need to select correspondent value.

As per the attachment Mop is the unique value and i need to select discount amount which changes dynamically.

Hi there,

Just from the image you provided the PDF does not seem to be interactive or rich media PDF, so I am guessing its either text/scanned PDF.

By selecting the value do you mean copying it, or if so it happens to be rich media do you need to click on it…is it a link…more details are required.

But, in case it is scanned or native then you need to use OCR integrations in Uipath which might yield better results - (Eg: Ephesoft, Abby etc.,)

They have options of extracting tables spanning multiple pages, header, key value extractions and many more. Ephesoft is present in UiPath GO! too.

Hope this helps.