Select an Excel File and extract data from it

Hello! I am having an issue where I want to be able to select an excel file and then extract data from it.

I want to be able to send a template out to customers, have them fill it out, send it back to me. The question I have is how am I able to run it so StudioX asks me “Which file do you want to open?”, I select a file, and it extracts the rest of the flow from that open file?

Since the file will be based off a template I want to be able to have the rest of the workflow be able to pull off worksheet 1 every time I run it, just with a different excel document when it does. If anyone has suggestions I’d really appreciate it.

Hello @AEE, welcome to the UiPath Community!

Use the Select File activity from the System package. This will give the user a prompt to select a file.

use excel card and select a template that looks the same as the xlsx file you want to use.
place the card in a “for each file in folder” for example and use “current file” as the file to be opened.

describe more your flow so i can help you more

I’m trying to do something similar in StudioX, but I’m not finding a “Select File” dialog available. Is there a particular package I have to install?

The solution that @codenameCata has proposed works in Studio , not StudioX. In StudioX when working with Excel files one has to use the “Use Excel File” app card , which has a select file dialog.

In the described scenario if one wants to iterate through a series of excel files that are based off a template one can achieve it with something that looks like this

Btw here’s a link to the documentation of the Excel app card

This might be late but try: