Select an element from two with exactly same selector

Hi. I have two element with exactly same selector. My activity is selecting the first the element but I want the second one two be selected. It is a type into activity.

Can someone please help.

Can you share that selectors and the scenarios too?

will you share the source content here example webpage which having the both elements

If you see there are two search key and both of them are having same selector. When I use type into activity it is clicking the one which is behind. I want it to be clicked and type in the screen which is in front.

Separate windows right!!! terminal and Bizparam profile ???

Yes. Two separate pop ups

Then you want to type into the front window screen only every time that in this case Bizparam profile?

then check the selector correctly!! title tag will be different i guess!!

I tried using UiExplorer. But its same. Anyway found an alternate solution and used anchor based activity. Don’t know if it the correct approach.

You can use Anchor base activity …

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Yes. Anchor based activity worked for me

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