Select all the element in Oracle BI Administration toll

I m trying to select all the elements from the physical layer of the RPD in Oracle BI administration tool.

How it can be done?

you can use select multiple activity with dynamic selector

when I m trying to select, I m getting the error.

Manually is it possible to select a single item and use ctrl+A…If this selects all,the you can replicate it in UiPath using send hot keys

Hi @Megha_D_Gowda

Is the structure static or dynamic?
based on that you can do the click activity

Ashwin S

manually, I will click on first item and hold the shift key and then click the last item. @Benone.Samuel.India

@AshwinS2 It is static

Hi @Megha_D_Gowda

Use get attribute and then use click activity for all the elements

Ashwin S