Select all on links on screen - list can vary depending on inputs

Hi All – Hoping someone can help me with this issue I’m having:

I am building a bot where the user can input the name of the individual they want to search for and see what work in in their queue. This is a web-based system (unfortunately cannot post screenshots per work restrictions). The length of the list will vary depending on individual selected; some individuals’ queues may be three scrolls down while others may be only three items long and not fill the whole page. I want to select all items shown but ctrl+a does not work on the page. How can I build something to click on the bottom-most item and then hold shift and click on the first?

Any and all help appreciated!!

The question is what is your end goal, why do you want to select it all? Is the items in a table format in which case you can just use data scraping to get all the items into a datatable.

I need to select it all in order to ultimately right click and select “send links via gmail”. We are trying to send links to the tasks in a “ready state” for each individual. Does that help?


You can get the links of the tasks easily through the data scraping wizard. Once in the data scraping wizard, you will be asked to click on the location for it to start scraping from. So click on the first cell of the first row of your grid. Next, if it asks something like “Do you want to scrape data from the entire table?” click No. Then it will ask you to click on the second element. Again, click on the last item of the grid. It will then build then pattern itself which the data should be extracted and show you a screen like this.

In this, if you click on the “Extract URL” checkbox, you will be able to get the URL of the item as well as a separate column. So one column will have the text it displays, and the other will have its URL.

I guess this is what you are looking for?

Hope it helps

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