Select all files except the one modified today from a folder

Hello guys, I have a folder with multiple files and I want to select all files except the one modified today to move them to another folder.

Anyone have any idea how can I do this?
Thank you!

HI @Ionut_Frincu

first you have to create variable with DirectoryInfo type Ex : Folder

then you have to create a variable with Array of FileInfo type Ex: OlderFiles

put the below syntax in Assign activity

Folder = new DirectoryInfo(“your source folder”)

OlderFiles = Folder.GetFiles("*.csv").Where(function(file) file.LastWriteTime.Date<>DateTime.Now.Date).OrderByDescending(function(d) d.LastWriteTimeUtc).ToArray

OlderFiles variables hold all the csv files except today file

use for each activity to iterate and pass in value as Older files

Put move file activity inside the for each activity and select destination folder in to tab , enter item.Fullname in from tab

Hope it solves your issue

Update as whether you got a desired Solution or not


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It worked!
Thank you very much, I appreciate!
Best regards,

Your Welcome

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