Select all fields in dropselect dynamically

I’m developing an RPA where I must enter several sites (equal but with different data) and select all dropselect components.

I’ve already checked in some topics and tried to do it the way the users said it, however, it didn’t work.

Here is the flow I created.

I get this error: “Get Attribute ‘SELECT’: The UiElement is no longer valid”


Select the ui element in the site and change the selector dynamically to get the name attribute of the uielement

I hope it helps you

Sorry, I don’t understand, can you be more specific?

If you just need to make a selection in a pulldown, use the Select Item activity.

Store the currentitem value in assign
Indicate the Get attribute in the site where you want to get the name attribute, after indicating the element change the selector by choosing a variable pass the currentItem stored variable so that it will be flexible for all items in the find childern activity.


Use select Item activity to select an item in the dropdown instead of find childern activity.