Select activity in not working for some entries

I used the select activity which works for some entries and doesn’t work for some.

when it selects the entries it stucked for some and work well for some.

please help.

This could be due to the “selector”, if the selector is dynamic, then you will face this problem.
To confirm this (a) put the selector in a try catch block (b) ContinueOnError = true © TimeOutMS = 0

Default TimeOutMS is 30 sec, ie if the control not found, it will wait for 30 sec

one of the solution is to use Click Image & Type Into combination, for Typeinto dont select any image.

is the selector and it also doesn’t stop after 30 secs

Hello Rahul,
Try using “attach to live element” option. This will automatically generate selector with wild card.

sorry, ContinueOnError should be false (default)

Not a full proof, I think click image is the best solution

Yes, I agree with you. But the simplest way is to use the wildcard.

The problem with the wild card is, if there are more than one element with the same selector…!!!