Select a UI Element corresponding to another UI Element


I am trying to find a text on UI and want to check the corresponding check box (in the same line).
e.g. I want search for xyz (fetching this text from excel) and then click on the corresponding check box.
How can this be done in UI Path?


  1. It Looks like a table, So use Data Scraping to extract the details and save to a datatable (Say dt)

  2. Either you can Loop through For each row to find the index of that row or write a LINQ Query to find it.

Note: Many Solutions are available in forum go through those !

  1. Then you can navigate on screen to the correct line by pressing TAB key (Index - number of times) and to select the check box press SPACE BAR

Dominic :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your quick response. Will try these options and check …

Hi I am new to UIPath. I could fine the links regardind description of activities. Is there any link where we can find sample examples for usage of activities.

Hey @BuddingCoder

offcourse only here :slight_smile: :wink: on the forum just use the search power of the forum :slight_smile: with that you will get more good Aspect and points as well.