Select a state based on value from list?

We want to select the state value from the list and it has listtolist class type with tag=“LI”. Because of the tag time it is not supported in select item. PFB screenshot.


Not understanding the question can you please give more information on the issue

Pavan H.

Not able to select a state in the bottom of the list which are not visible. How do we do it? When you do it manually, we have to scroll and then select the state.

Hi, Correct me if my understanding is correct

first use excel application scope and use read range inside the scope to get the excel as datatable then use the assign statement to write the select statement like this result ="[column name]=‘statename’") the result will be array of datarow

or you can use for each row activity and inside for each row use a if condition having the condition row.item(columnname).tostring.equals(stateName) if condition is yes then you can use that into your further process and break the loop using break activity.

Please let us know if this works.

Pavan H

Hi @ValathappanSivaraman, try this out:

datatableName.Select(“columnName = ‘LI’”)

No. It was not excel and it a listoflist class type in pega page and it look like the data itself was not render in the page until you scroll down. We tried to solve with element exist option and if the search element does not exists, we used “page down” key to scroll in a while loop.

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