Select a row in a datagrid based on known criteria

I need to be able to select a row from a web application data grid with several rows where the account number and transaction date I have read in from a.csv file appear in the grid.Is this possible? Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi Darren - Can you elaborate your query as i am having some concern understanding it.

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Try use Data Scraping and check with your Data in csv and if it is that you need, you can use the click text activite to select the row.

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Thanks for the reply Pruthvisiddhartha. I have a web page with a datagrid on that I need to interact with.

First I read in an account number and date into UIPath variables from a .csv file. What I would like to be able to do is to search for that account number and date on the grid. If it is found, select that row and press the continue button on the web form. Is this possible?

Hi Darren - Will the account number and date be on the same row or will they be scattered.

Hello. Yes, on the same row of the grid. When found, I want to be able to click that row and continue. Thank you for your help.

Hi Darren - Can you try using Find Element and once found select the row by clicking it[if its selectable] and then perform click action again.
Apologies, not sure if this is the best approach to use.

Thanks a lot. I’ll take a look at that method.

Hi Darren - I wish if there is any other better solution to it as it would help me as well.