Select a file to upload in Chrome or Internet Explorer

I keep having an issue trying to grab a file to open from the open pop up in Google Chrome. It gives me an error. I’ve tried opening an application card for the pop-up but it doesn’t work with my automation (click, type into or select item) and creates an error.
Here is the pop-up box to open the file.
Here is also one of the errors I am getting.
Any help would be awesome, thank you. Error%20image

Hi @brady.butler

Use application card and indicate the screen which you want to click ,type etc then it will work


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Put the application card in and ran the job. Getting an error that the card can not be inside an application card.

I got it to work! The click option within the application card outside of the job. I had to put the file in a specified folder within ‘documents’ in order for the robot to find the exact file I was trying to upload by clicking in documents clicking within the folder and clicking the file.
That being said I’m still trying to figure out with the ‘type into’ or ‘select item’ wouldn’t work. The ‘open’ pop up would close abruptly and UI Path would error out saying the application needs to be open in order to do the command. Anywho - thank you for your response.

hey dont keep application card inside to the other application card

you have to keep your 2nd application card outside the first application card


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