Seeking to hire UIPath Freelance to Automate form filling in Web

We are seeking an experienced developer to remotely assist our organization in creating several bots that can automatically fill out forms on 3rd party websites using API data from our Zoho CRM system using UiPath.

The primary use case for this bot will be to pay government fees on behalf of our client X through a web form. (Target web form)

The bot will need to scrap each person’s personal information (name, ID, nationality, etc.) stored in a single Zoho CRM after logging in. (Source Zoho form)

The bot should automate the submission process to the Target Web form, including:

  1. Use the extracted text data from the target web page;
  2. Use pre-configured information that is the same for all submissions
  3. Prompt for the input of a Number received via SMS (we need to think of a solution to whether this can be automated).

I will be happy to work online with you, say on MS Teams to interact in a real-time mode.

Can we engage your services for this? What would you think to be the fee? How can we pay you (Via PayPal/wire transfer/Credit Card)?

Looking forward to hearing from you, and perhaps scheduling a call to discuss this.