Seeking advice for a screen scraping in an application problem

Hi team, would appreciate any thoughts on this matter.

My current project is a one-off automation to pull out and save all files in FileNet Report Manager.

I currently have a window in the report manager that I think I should be scraping to get all the file names - as I will need to know what to save the file as.

The document/file list screen looks like this.

Unfortunately, all of the scraping methods I have used so far, does not take into account the scroll slider, meaning there is more documents off screen.

Is there any activities, hints or tricks to be able to scrape that off-screen stuff as well?

I can confirm Datascraping does not work as the element is apparently not a table. :frowning:

Hi @Sheri

Usually, you don’t need to worry about the scroll slider when your workflow without ocr activities at all.
Because you have to get information of each file name and it is looks like couldn’t scrape as a table immediately.
Firstly, check selectors of the first and the second file name field and compare them to find some common features.
According that, for each every file name field to get file name text.
And if you couldn’t get the single selector of a file name field, check selectors of the row fields and compare them to find some common features too.
Finally split row text to get fle text.