Secure Credential Not Passing Through when Running Through UIPath Assistant

Hello All,

I’m at my wit’s end and I can’t seem to understand why it’s not working while it works fine when running my process via studio. I’ve made the process in the REFramework, and stored my login credentials to a web sign-on page in “Assets” in the Orchestrator. I use the GetAppCredentials process in the REFramework to pull the right credentials. This passes fine in Studio when I run it.

I have the login process in my InitAllApplications. The process correctly reads the credentials and types the username accordingly but not the secure string while running via the UIPath Assistant. However when I run this process in Studio, it types the password fine.

My robot license is Studio and I packaged my process as is in the Orchestrator. I realize I can’t schedule any processes to run with my robot because I believe it’s just a studio for now, but is that also the reason I can’t run the process through UIPath Assistant (fka robot runner)?

I used the changing secure string to string method as well to eliminate that approach:

Thank you!