Second Load Python Script Error

I am attempting to run different Python functions. I have one function that runs correctly without error. I have another Python function that follows that one that fails on the Load Python Script activity. I do not understand how the second Load Python Script fails but the first one does not, when they have the same inputs/parameters.

Any ideas? Thanks

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@jpreziuso, Will be better if you post screenshot or the xaml file with error details.


Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

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Just curious, are you loading the same python script twice from UiPath program,

They are two different python scripts

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Kindly share the python scripts. As I can’t able to debug the workflow.

Thanks, Awaiting your response :+1:

HelloWorld.txt (69 Bytes) HelloInput.txt (75 Bytes)

Would not allow me to upload the .py files

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Hey @jpreziuso,

I had a look at your second python file, which is having an error.

There was an undefined function call which was breaking the program.

Please find the modified version in the screenshot above.

Hopefully, this should resolve your issue.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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