Searching per variable on specific website

Hello, I have an assignment to do that I am having trouble with. Basically I have a csv file that has two columns: colA and colB and colA has ‘FB’ as a variable and colB has ‘AMZN’ as a variable (this is from yahoo finance for the stocks). So I need to read the csv file and then save the two variables, FB and AMZN, as vTicker1 and vTicker2, respectively and then read the new variables vTicker1 and vTicker2 into Yahoo Finance and search for them, extract the data: previous close, open, bid, ask, day’s range, 52 week range, volume, avg. volume, market cap, beta, and PE ratio and then save that data in a new csv file. Any pointers? I know how to read the csv file in, I’m having trouble with the next step of saving FB and AMZN as vTicker1 and vTicker2. Thanks!

Share your workflow for us to understand the question better.

Stock Growth.xlsx (8.4 KB)
MainTaskThree.xaml (21.4 KB)

You need to change the variable assignment to: _DT1.Rows(0)(1).ToString
MainTaskThree.xaml (46.6 KB)