Searching PDF keyword and image extraction

Hello Team,

I am working on a bot to search particular keyword in PDF and then extract the image related to that keyword. I am not sure how to proceed step by step for this execution. I am thinking of opening pdf with Start process and finding the keyword with ctrl F, however in this case pdf opens in background and ctrl F is not working. Is there any simpler way to execute this workflow?
Thanks in advance!

@Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw Use Read pdf with OCR activity to search keywords. Enable Accessibility/Readability option in your pdf before performing this action

Thanks for the response. But I need to snip the image from PDF page associated with the keyword and OCR extracts the text in image. my purpose is to snip the relevant images from pdf and store it to the location.
any idea how to automate this?

@Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw Are there many images present?

Yes there are many images in the pdf but related to header there is single. so that’s why I was thinking of searching the related keyword and locating the image.