Searching of required queue transaction in orchestrator by its reference part

Hi Team,
can we have the search bar more workable (basically the search engine)

It’s just my taught… basically when we go to queues of orchestrator to check a particular transaction by part of reference Id …the search won’t display much accurately

Can this search engine be improved

we cant search by characters that’s taken from between or the last part of the ref ID

for example :

lets say this a reference ID for a transaction [11-12-2022-345678907]
if you search with last characters 345678907 the search wont work as expected


so here if u search by …For example 4*12.pdf the search wont work as expected

Looking for for your responses and feedback of above UipathTeam


Hey @nikhil.girish

Good suggestion. I’ll leave it up to our Orchestrator team to consider it in the future, but you have my vote :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @loginerror