Searching for text on screen and clicking

HI. I am trying integrate automation on my team along with ServiceNow. As part of my project, when we open up the ServiceNow page, I want to be able to search for a specific text, and from there be able to click on its corresponding task number to open it up.

I am currently using StudioX and was wondering the best way to work on this part of my task. The one issue I face is the text I will be searching for won’t be in the same spot on the target screen every time. Somehow, I want to be able to search the entire window for a particular string and then open it.

I hope someone can provide assistance on this task.

so you are able to search and then the corresponding element if that is visible?

for the text that is not visible → you can use click activity and this will navigate the selection to the desired text and then you can proceed


When I open the page, I want to search for a particular string on the page under a column heading. If it finds the string, there is a corresponding link on the left side of screen that will open to a new page.

This is the flow I am trying to accomplish

For example in the picture. When the page opens, I want to search for ACH Pull string under the Short description column. If i find it, then I want to click on the corresponding task number you see to the left.