Searching for something specific using a web recording

Hello, is there a way that I can use a variable that is in a CSV file and enter that into yahoo finance using a web recording? For example, I have a csv file that has two columns, one with FB for Facebook stock information and the other AMZN for amazon stock information. I need to extract data for both of these companies’ stock growth and put that into a new table

Absolutely. However, this is a fairly basic requirement - have you been through the RPA academy?

Yes, I have. Maybe I didn’t explain deeply enough, because the reqs are little more in detail than a simple web scraping. I have to extract the two values from the csv vile (read csv, I already did that) and then save these two variables as new variables names vTicker1 and vTicker2 into a new data table and then go to yahoo and input vTicker1 and vTicker 2 and now create a new csv file with information that I want to grab and then compare the stocks.

Yes you should be able to use assign to add the new values from the CSV file…i.e. for each row in datatable (once you have read the csv file).

Assuming you only have two variables as you have said simply use:

variable1 = dtCSVFile.Rows(0)(“columnyouwant”).tostring
variable2 = dtCSVFile.Rows(1)(“columnyouwant”).tostring

you can then use these variables as input values on Yahoo …

Does that answer? It gets more complicated if you have more variables because you cannot dynamically create variables.

Yes, that helps! except use .Rows(0) for both. I was using the assign activity wrong (I forgot to put .Rows(0)) Thank you Richard. To input it into yahoo, do I use a web scraping and do each one separate, and then save them into a new csv file? It should be in a for each loop right?MainTaskThree.xaml (6.0 KB)

Many ways to skin a cat :wink:

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This is what I have so far. I am not sure why the write range is not writing to the excel file. I have attached the excel file and my workflowMainTaskThree.xaml (21.4 KB)
Stock Growth.xlsx (8.4 KB)