Searching for Email Subject Line


I’m very new to UiPath. I am looking to find if the bot can search for an email subject line that has some change in the name.

For Example: Project T - New Changes / Joe Smith

The project name changes as well as the name of the individual, in this case Project T and Joe Smith both change on each e-mail.

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@ashleyyvonnew, you can use String.Contains(“Project T -”) and String.Contains(“Joe Smith”).

String.Contains returns a boolean result.

Hi @ashleyyvonnew,

Could you please provide with some more example? So it will be easier to identify the common elements and do operations accordingly.

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get outlook mail message activity will give output in List
use for loop to with argument type as mailmessage and use if condition
In if condition you can try like mail.subject.contains(“1st name”) or mail.subject.contains(“2nd name”).

the 1st name and 2nd name can be from string variable based on your requirement you can change the values

Please let us know if this works. Also check for constant values in subject line if 1st name and 2nd name changes

Pavan H.

Hello. I am doing a similar process. but what if the data of the names, which are to be inserted after contain(“…”) are present under a column in excel file.