Searching for a word GR which is returning GROUP as found string when using contains activity

I need help to search for a string GR from a string , Let’s say “I am in a GROUP of social workers” which is returning value found from the GROUP when i am using contains activity, I need to have a value as not found when this value is not there not to return found from a part of a word , Please suggest me on this.

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Hi @Shadab_khan1

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Buddy say if you have a variable in_text of string type with value “I am in a GROUP of social workers” and you are trying to check whether it has word GROUP or not,and you were able to find with contain method like in if condition like
in_text.Contains(“GROUP”) and if it passes you can have the it and continue with the process in then part…But (kindly correct me if i m wrong with question) if you want to take into consideration like not contain “GROUP” you can use like this buddy
Not in_text.Contains(“GROUP”)

I Need to find GR from the string I am in a GROUP of social workers but it is returning as found because GROUP has GR in it which is not required .