Search the organization name using minimal length of string

Hello All,
I need a help on search the organization in a database.
For example, If a organization name is “UI Path Studio”, It needs to search as “UI Path”.
Kindly let me know which activity will be used to get this result.
Thanks in advance.


  1. please use String.contains(“put string here which you want to search”)

Hi @raja.arslankhan
Thank you for your reply. I didn’t know the string value, It is dynamic.
In this case, How to search the text.

@Mugesh_Anbalagan can you give me flow or any clue then I can suggest you a solution

Hello @Mugesh_Anbalagan
To access Database , use daata base activities in uipath
If not exist in your activity, go to manage package, Search Uipath.Database.Activities

Using Run query , you can Execute your query and get output

@raja.arslankhan for example, if an excel has 100 organization, I need to search all those organization name in an application. So, if i search with the full organization name it might not give the results. In that situation, i will use keywords of the organization name in the application.

As above mentioned, if the name is “UI Path Studio”, and i search with full name, it might not give results, however, if search as “UI Path”, then it will give the results as “UI Path Studio”

Hope this information helps.

@Gokul_Jayakumar Thank you for your reply, I will check and let you know

@Mugesh_Anbalagan ok I got it you have a database and you want get data against keyword? am i right?

@raja.arslankhan It is web based application

@Mugesh_Anbalagan , I thought you’r asking sql data base realted.
Web based application means , you can use web recording

For further , refer this video, it may help you

@Mugesh_Anbalagan so you want to get data from database and procss on web base application