Search the database based on keywords

I want to search the data based on keywords.
The data in the database looks like

{ Apple
Camel }

Now I want to search in the format of “C”, So I get all the values stating or ending with C in it.

My output will be Cat, Cow and Camel. I can select what I need say I want to select Camel, I will or other.

Any idea on this?

My input is Camel which I need to get it from a system (A) and search in different system (B). In the search criteria I need to search with “*” in the start or end of the word. mandatory in the end if not in the start of the word.

Say C*, So that all the data which starts from “C” will popup. You can ask me like I can search with the full name(Camel) but it is not poping up. So I need to search with * in the end.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,