Search text from section on screen

Hi all

I’m looking to search text from one section of the screen - is there any way I can do this?


If I wanted to search the “World markets” section of the screen for “5,216.28”.

The reason behind this is I want to look for numbers on a screen, but they could appear in a different column than the one I’m after.


Hi @Short
As per my understanding, you can use Find Text activity to search the text on the screen within the particular frame or selection by using indicate on screen option and point out the respected section/frame in that activity.



use Set Clipping Region where you want to perform the search.

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This is probably a really stupid question but how do you work out the pixel offset? I’d worked out that it would be the clipping region but I have no idea how to set it around the section I want

go to record wizard and start recording then hit F3 to choose “select region” and drag the mouse to get the region.
later u can see the offset in the clipping region like this.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve done that, got the region and added the ClippingRegion into a Text Exists activity, however the “No” message box pops up even though the figure is on the screen in the set clipping region

Any ideas?

Please set condition as AmountonOnScreen=True

It still isn’t working.

I’ve attached the window, highlighted the region (to make sure it’s looking at the right part), search the region for the text, changed the condition and the “No” message box is still appearing.

Can you see anything wrong with it or have an idea why it isn’t finding the text?


can you change “wait for ready” property to complete.
Anyways can you give url where you wants to search that text or could you please attach workflow.

worldmarket.xaml (9.8 KB)

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TextOnScreen.xaml (6.9 KB)

I can’t give the URL but is a smiliar one to the one I’m working with

@vvaidya 's solution works fine. are you looking anything more than that.

Yeah, to search a section of the screen, i.e. “100.00” could appear on the screen but if it’s not in the correct column, I don’t want it to be considered as found.

@vvaidya’s s.xaml stops working at “Find element”, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using the community edition as the “Open browser” didn’t work until I deleted it and added the version from my editon


I’m trying to find if text exists in a notepad file and for this i have used text exists activity. Though the text is present in notepad file, it is giving not found message.

Hi @Short

You can scrap the text by using the Data Scrapping method. After that it will return data in a data table, Now use For Each Row and If activity to match the required data.


Hi @manjusha.chandana

Use Read Text File, This will return a string value.
After that use “Contains String” activity.


“Read text file” worked for me. Is there any way to find the position of the string that we are searching for.

Hi @manjusha.chandana

Use “Index Of String activity”. It will return you Position of the String.

Hi manjusha. could you pls share your xml file? I ve been struggling with this from many days.