Search specific structure but dynamic text in excel

Hello, I’m not familiar with notebook or excel but I need to search for text in my extracted google results I saved.

Mostly the text I need is formatted like:
text - text - text |
But it is not always at the same position between the other text.

For example:
Link to profile
View the profile of Christine baker - online since 2000 at fabook | to view other profiles click here…

So I’ve extracted the link, and the whole text in 3 columns

The part I need is:
Christine backer - online since 2000 at Facebook |

The problem is sometimes the text I need is in the link sometimes it’s in the text and the text is always different.

Is there a way to use the notebook text sheet for this? And how I need to use this correctly?


@Ella -we can do it do in Regex , if you can provide me couple of sample texts and the output you are looking for…I will try it …

Based on your post, i have extracted the below…

  1. Use Matches Activity


  1. Give the shatter as shown above
  2. For the"Input" - If its dynamic , get the input from the variable and use the variable here…
  3. On the Result - use Ctrl + K to give the output variable (My Vase IEnRegEx)
  4. Write Line = IEnRegEx(0).value…


@Ella - What ever you highlighted are the texts needs to be captured??

I don’t see any similarities between each highlighted…Regex will work only if pattern is similar…

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Yes the problem is I often get different search results :neutral_face:

I looked for a way to get the same pattern from my extraction results and I managed. Now the text I need is always following this pattern:

  • christine backer -
    Can you teach me how to do this in studio X?
    thank you in advance :pray:

Thanks…Whatever I posted before was the method we use in Studio, it was my bad I didn’t noticed that you are looking for in Studio X. But we can try.
If you give me one complete sample text, I will look into it.

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This is an example:
Valent valerie de coster - werkt voor - Ik weet het | ja heb

The text in bold letters is the text I need

(I was wrong with the example from previous post)

Thank you very much for helping me!

@Ella - Here you go…



Note: Separator on the First Acvitity is “-”, on the second one it is " -".

So if your pattern is similar, you can pass your dynamic text as variable in the full text which gives you a output.

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Thank you so much!!!

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