Search specific item on Excel

Hello Friends, I need help with this case.

Exp: My variable take “Barcelona”… soo I need take the plan and search only for ID of “Barcelona” to me use in my specific place.


How I can Filter to me use only ID of “Barcelona”?


Hi @Diego_Pin

Do you want the id of Barcelona as output

Can u elaborate ur case

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I Need Get ID of Barcelona to type in another place.

hi @Diego_Pin

You can use lookup datatable activitiy

For this store the Barcelona in a variable let’s say variable1, and use lookup datatable activitiy with lookup value as variable1 and provide either column index or column name in lookup section

In Target section provide column name or column index for which you are searching and in cellvalue section create a variable called cellvalue which store the ID, which can be retrieved as output

Hope it helps

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