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In my csv file there are several country names, I have to extract temperature, humidity, wind speed etc from a site and write it to a text file. I am taking data from the csv file but after opening “” i am trying to select a country name from the search field dropdown, but failed to do it by “Select Item” or “Set Value” activities. Example: from CSV file I read the location name as “London”, which I have to search in the site and take the data to text file. How can I dynamically select the country name from the dropdown list?

Select activity only works on drop down lists.
This website has only a text box. you can enter text using Type Into activity.
Use Click activity to choose from one of the option that is displayed in the suggestions.

Thanks for helping, but I still have some problem. After the location name “London” is entered using "Type Into activity “London United Kingdom” appears which I can select using Click activity, do I have to follow the same procedure for the rest of the location? Now, I have 10 locations name in the CSV file, it might change to 20 tomorrow and country name will also be different in that case how can i make it dynamic? Secondly, I have to select different Month and Year from the dropdown list to extract the details, if i use Select Item activity then This control does not support select item error appears. How may I possibly achieve the said problems?

Yes you have to. That’s how you would do it manually!

Read the country name from the csv, use that to create dynamic selectors, to click on the desired row from the list of options displayed in the website, when you type in the city name.

The month and year on this website are not dropdown lists. These are unordered lists that appear on mouse hover. You can’t use Select item activity on these elements. You need to use Hover and Click activities

I have a similar scenario but instead of reading the data from CSV file, dynamic data comes from a website(users list) and the user name is to be searched in another website having details of the user(both the sites are integrated).
Any help on this is highly appreciated!

Let me know if you still need help with this.
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All sorted now, thanks for checking-in!

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