[Search for survey participants] Regarding useful Event-Log Attributes for RPA

Hello everybody,

my name is Alex and I am a student at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany. For my Thesis/Bachelor I need to do a little survey (about 15 minutes). (ATTENTION: language is german)
I am searching for german speaking participants, that are well known by the usage of Attributes in Event-Logs with Process Mining. To be precisely the task is to find out, which common attributes from an Event-Log are useful to get insights regarding RPA. (Not for a specific case, just common)
If you are familiar with this and could give my Thesis a nice Input I would appreciate if you contact me. I will send you the survey by mail, the survey is absolutely anonym except the name of your company.
I hope some of you guys take the time to support me for getting a well founded result.

Thanks in advance,