Search for matchces in two data tables

I have two data tables (A and B). Bought of them have several hundreds of rows of data. I need to verify that all entries from column 1 in dt A are as well available in column 1 of dt B.
Using Join dt is not helping me, as it is not iterating through all of the table´s B data rows.

Table A and Table B

a 1 a 1y
b 2 b 1y
c 3 c 1y
d 5 e 2w
e 4 h 2s
f 4 b ss
g 4 s sss
i 1 f x
l 9 p 1y
m 4 c l

Iner joing gives me following:

b 2 b 1y
c 3 c 1y
e 4 e 2w
b 2 b ss
f 4 f x
c 3 c l

Data is missing (e.g) there should be match A1 A 1y.

How could I solve the issue?


Instead of using inner join use Left join that way you get all values from datatable A and only matching values from datatable B


This is something I already tried yesterday- I guess I was sleapy already and messed it up.

It looks good now!

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