Search for a word using Regex

I am searching for the word ,WORD-" in a document using the regex function and it simply doesn’t work.
Regex.Matches(textToBeWritten, wordVariable, RegexOptions.Multiline Or RegexOptions.IgnoreCase).Count
and I stored the ,WORD-" in the wordVariable,
Can you please help me?

Hi @Alexa_Durdunescu

Could you post a screenshot of your workflow with the source text printed in the console? It really should just work.

it says 0 counts…this info is written in an excel

Could you give this sample project a go? (1.6 KB)

i kind of solved it…the idea is I have multiple flows in the same project and this causes problems.
In the end I must write all the results in an Excel and every cell has some info-the problem is if I put them separately and try to write in the same Excel from different projects I have problems like the program starts writing randomly although I specified the cells where the info must be written