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Is there a way to search an email folder for a specific variable (in the body or subject)?

My issue: Have a large number of suppliers who send us PDF invoices all month long. Numerous times a month i have to go back to SOME of the source emails and look for extra info on that specific email (it’s not worth extracting the body of every supplier email at the time of receiving and storing the extra info, as it’s not all emails i need this additional data from, only about 10%).

Currently i manually goto Outlook, and do a search in the specific supplier sub folder with the Invoice number, which returns the results and then i get my extra info.

Essentially i need Robot to goto specific email folder (SuppName) and search for invoice number (EG:1234). I know how to get the data and other bits i need once the right email is found, just need the “finding he right email” automation part.


Hi @MikeBlades,
Here you have example how you could search in Body or Subject:


@Pablito Hey mate…Why is it when i see your solution, its so freaking obvious. hehehhe
Thanks for your help, this should work a treat.

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I’m happy that I could help :wink:

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