Search and clicks on the corresponding result's action button in citrix

Hi ,
I am working on a automation which needs to perform a search in a application which runs in a virtual environment after getting results I need to identify a particular result on the basis search string and click on the action button corresponding to it.

For example: If I have search for “Uipath Studio” in the application . It will give me the results in below format.

Action Name Other Attributes
Button UiPath Studio Other Attribute 1
Button UiPath Studio ver 1.0 Other Attribute 2
Button UiPath Studio Training Other Attribute 3

And I need to click on the button corresponding to the text containing only “Uipath Studio”.

Does anyone have idea how can I achieve in Uipath?


try click OCR text by giving occurrence.

@pathrudu I have tried that approach but OCR activity is not working properly it is giving wrong text for similar looking character like 8 and B , 0 and O etc.

Try changing accuracy of and if you are working only with alphabets please mention all the alphabets in allowed characters property. hope this may help you