Search and click exact text from the dropdown with each element containing multiple lines


I want the bot to click the dropdown option which is an exact match to what the user has entered.
The dropdown looks like this:

The problem is each element of the dropdown contains multiple lines and nested HTML tags so it is difficult to search for the element and click it.

So can anyone help me with the approach?

The website is

Welcome to uipath community
If that takes the input directly by typing then we can use Type Into activity with the input string so that it will type and we can press enter may be like this
As input
”Your input string”+”[k(enter)]”
Where in the type into activity property panel enable send window message property and disable simulate type property

So now the option we want to choose can be searched by typing the input (as we know what to choose) and press enter

Are if that needs a down press once after typing and then enter key means (based on how we do manually with just keyboard without using mouse)
Then we can use Send hot keys with key as down and then again a send hot key with key as enter
So the sequence would be like this for this case
—Type into activity with input string alone
—send hot key activity with down key
—send hot key activity with enter key

This will work either
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @himeyjain