Search Activities not working in one project

The Search Activities is not working in one project file we have. It is working in other projects. Does anyone have any idea what is happening or how to correct? It happens on multiple computers.

Hi @lhendrix,

Can you provide more information like which all activities are you using in this process from project dependencies and are there any activities installed which are not used in the process.

Which UIpath version are you using?

I am using the dependencies shown. I am using the version below. How do I tell if there are any activities not used?

Studio 2018.4.3 - 01/21/2019
Enterprise Edition
Windows Installer
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.1

An update in case anyone else runs across this issue. We copied the automation into a new file and everything worked fine again. It was possibly a corrupt file.



  1. Reinstall all packages
  2. Restart computer

If step 1) and 2) don’t work, maybe you need to use old version of packages until they fix the error on the next release.

You can always change the version of packages until you find working packages for drag/drop activities.

Same solution can fix (it worked for me) when you can’t drag/drop activities.