Scrolling webpage for web scraping! Pls Help!

How to scroll down a webpage to search for an element to make it visible, then perform web scraping (Get OCR Text) ?

Problem: I need to extract the share price from the webpage, sometimes there are banners/advertisements that will result in the element being hidden and the need to scroll down to make the element visible so that the [Get OCR Text] will work. how do i resolve this problem?
I’m currently using anchor base (Find element “USD” + Get OCR Text) to extract the shareprice.

Web link: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?


You can use the Element Exists activity to find an element even if it isn’t visible.
Have this activity return an element type and try passing it to an OCR selector to get text.

Alternately, you can use Find Element activity to do the same thing.



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you can use this as your reference.

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