Scrolling through the pages of work item in acme test using queue and orchestrator

How to scroll through pages using queue and orchestrator in ACME test website?

Hi @ChaithraG
Can you tell us the exact scenario


Hi @AshwinS2
I need to load the page numbers into the queue and while executing, it should point the given page number and extract the data from the table. Later store it into excel file.

Please can you provide the help?

Chaithra G

Hi @ChaithraG
U need to add work items into queue
U can use it with the help of add to queue


Yes, that could be done. But how to use those to scroll through pages?

Hi @ChaithraG

Use Looping by using send hot key activity as “pgdown”

Ashwin S


Do you want to scroll the page or navigate to one by one page ?

@lakshman I need to navigate using queue and perform data scrapping

@AshwinS2 thanks, will try doing it