Scrolling issue while scrapping a website using UiPath studio


I am trying to access some elements/selectors from a website, should click on the line item and need to select some options from the drop down and save that line, this should be continued till the last line, here we have many line of services which are dynamic in number based up on the record number, ie., line of services can 1, 2, 10 or more than 100. At a time we can able to scrap only 10 lines from the web page, and then we need to scroll down to access the next set of lines until the last line. Here I am facing an issue that every time if select the line and do certain tasks and save it, the total page getting refreshed and we can be able to see only 1st set of 10 lines. This become an hectic task to me to identify which line item we are accessing currently at that time. There are no any line numbers to identify as well. Please help me with this


Try using get attribute activity


here set the attribute as inner text and try


If I use this I am getting only 20 line of services