Scrolling a Web Page Plug In (If Possible) Through Web Recording

Hi everyone!

I’ve gone through the first two levels of the RPA training and I have a question about web recording/image recording.

I’m trying to retrieve information from a plugin on chrome called WAVE and sometimes there’s a lot of information so I must scroll. I already know how to retrieve the information (if the plugin is not scrollable) through image recording. I also already tried to use the pgdown send hot key and that failed.

If anyone can give an explanation and/or example, that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Leela_Morris

Could you provide a screenshot? It would explain how the window of the extension looks like and might tip someone about the solution.

More information is always appreciated.

Hi @loginerror, The chrome plug in is called Wave and it looks like this (I used this UIForum web page as an example):

As you can see, the plug in creates a side bar on the webpage when clicked and it’s scrollable. I was wondering if UIPath would be able to register the plug in and scroll down so I can screenshot/get OCR text the rest details?

Thanks for the reply!