Scroll To "Show more" on linkedin Profile skills

Not able to scroll down to “Show More” on Linkedin profile. Tried Hot keys for pgdown, scroll and also some javascript but not close to solution. Any help?

@aleksandra_sekulovsk I guess you would need to use a click activity on that. Have you tried it?

Yes, i’ve tried that also but it’s not working…

@aleksandra_sekulovsk It wasn’t able to recognise it or It gave an error when executed?

@aleksandra_sekulovsk This Selector worked for me.

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘*| LinkedIn’ />
<webctrl aaname=‘*Show more*’ parentid=‘ember*’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

With the same selector i’m getting “Click ‘SPAN’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ”

@aleksandra_sekulovsk Can you Show us the Selector in UiExplorer using Click activity?

Sure, here it is:

@aleksandra_sekulovsk Is it Highlighting the Same Show more element when you click on Highlight?


@aleksandra_sekulovsk Strange. It Should have worked actually :sweat_smile:

It is clicking on show more only if i scroll manually, until it’s visible…

@aleksandra_sekulovsk Ohh In that case, can you use a Focus Activity using the same selector and check if it Focuses on that Element first and then clicks it

Not working. Can you pls share the property panel of Click Activity. Not sure why it cant scroll to the element…

@aleksandra_sekulovsk Can you explain me the Process Steps that you are doing in order to reach upto that Button? The Properties are the default ones and I haven’t modified any.

For now i have only this:

Otherwise i’m trying to scrape linkedin profile data and to create resume from it. I want to crape skills, experience etc.

@aleksandra_sekulovsk I think you have not used *Show more* in the Selector as the Error indicates. You have missed the Starting *

@aleksandra_sekulovsk Check this :
<webctrl aaname=’*Show more*’ parentid=‘ember*’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

the pic form above was from IE. Here is from chrome: