Scroll down menu and click button based on partial match of value

i have to read excel file cell value and then search it in the scroll menu and click it
but problem is that cell value and scroll menu’s name does not match 100%
for example, cell value is ‘abc’ but scroll menu name is ‘*abc’
but the thing that comes in front of abc is not always * and it varies often and it is not sure whether it is single letter or more than two letters

Therefore, i would like to find scroll menu by using partial match
how should i solve this problem?

quick response will be very much appreciated

Hi @Seonyong

Your intuition is spot on. UiPath works with wildcards and using the * in your situation should work. Please let me know if the scroll menu name isn’t actually a selector target.

Hope this link helps: Selectors with Wildcards


Thank u for the answers, it has already been solved by wildcards, its just i didnt update situations.
thanks once again