Script which is designed for PDF reading is not working when sharing the desktop screen

Hi ,
I am facing very critical issue.Can any one please help on this.
Below is one of my scenario, i have designed using uipath and executed successfully ,No issues in it.
But script is not working when i am trying to execute while sharing my desktop screen.

  1. One folder may contain more than one PDF document.Each document may contain more than one page.
  2. I should pick one by one PDF document from folder and from each document i should go page by page and need to read data from each page.
    3.Each PDF page complete information is an image format . I am successfully reading info using ‘Google OCR’.
    5.In between the process i am using hotkeys activity to go page down(pgdn) and to move other page’s in document i am entering page number in select the box where you enter

When i shared my screen, script is opened my PDF document but not moving to other pages, instead of that screen is blinking and current PDF is closing and moving to other one.

I am completely blank what should i do to resolve my issue.

I am not sure what exactly the reason , can you try alternative like, goto page no.


Hi skini76,
I am using same approach to move page by page.

In that case, problem may be with selector of page no. Can you check the selector once ?
Can you try with “Click image” option (no selector) ?

Try keeping an attach window and use Click Image activity.


Hi ,

I am using ‘Type Into’ activity to enter page number in box so that I can move page by page.
How can I use ‘Click Image’ Activity for the same purpose.

Please note selector is blank

Hi Skini76,

I have tried by using ‘Click Image’ activity and getting below error.

As you suggest ,I am Using ‘click Image’ activity, indicated Box and after that removing selector.

Try with Mouse Click


Hi ,
I done as you suggest .
Instead of ‘click Image’ Activity I used ‘click’ activity immediately following with ‘type into’ activity.
With above activities also my script is working fine but same issue persist.
After sharing the screen script is not working