Script to run every 1 hour


I am trying to run a script every 1 hour, is there any thing other than orchestrator to run and test in Local ?

There is no supported way to schedule uipath processes to run without orchestrator and to be honest why do you need to see a process run every 1 hour to test the process itself?

Hi @hss,

You can do one thing you can give the delay of 1 hour in an infinite loop so that script will work after each hour but you can use only 1 process in a machine but after molding the script you can use multiple process as well but the main workflow will be one.


@anmolk171 Thanks. I shall try it by putting the loop… But I didn’t understand this part where u said -

Could u pls explain or attach a workflow…

@hss - please check out the conversations here: Run robot using Windows Task Scheduler without using Orchestrator

It is not a supported feature, but it is still working to use task scheduler to run your robots

@Dave thanks. Closing the topic here.

the thing is, as unsupported, if you pay money to buy uipath and you have any need for support, you wont get it, also this method can cease to work at any time…

Although this is true, I dont think Task Scheduler is going to be deprecated or removed from Windows at any time in the near future. UiPath doesn’t “support” this feature because they want people to pay for and use Orchestrator, which does the same thing (and more) but costs money.

i dont mean task scheduler i mean you can only make use of it because uipath can take arguments, but they can make this change and then you wont be able to run your processes anymore…

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