Script to change font colour

How to change the font colour in Ash for particular cell using script

have a look on the balareva package:

I should not use this package for my prjoct


Have you tried using Set Range Color activity?


Yes tried,but it’s not working correctly .i need script for this code

It’s changing the background i need to change the text colour

Any updates

Hi @sruthesanju ,

Could you Check the below Discussion. There is a Solution available which you can try :

Hello @sruthesanju ,

Please see the below video. Format cell activity.

I need to change the value colour not cell colour

Inside the Format Cell activity you can click on set format. There you can select the Font and the color which is required.

Format cell activity can be used to change DataType,Alignment,Font and to fill color.

Hi @sruthesanju

This implementation is through macros script. Please check (11.7 KB)