Screenshot webside slider

Hi all!

I am brand new to UI Path and I’ve gone through a bunch of the starter courses. I am looking to make an automation that will visit a bunch of URL’s, snap screenshots and save those in a folder. The problem I am having is that on some of the URL’s, there’s banners/sliders that rotate and I need screenshots of each. I cannot make UI Path click the slide bullets or arrows consistenly. Looks like the elements have the same names so UI Patch is getting confused.

The URL:

Check the slider at the top there.

Anyone have some good advice on how to accomplish this?

Thank you so much, I hope someone can give me a hand. :slight_smile:


No one able to help out a little here? :pray:

Hi @tomassively

I have developed a workflow for the slider on the URL:

Have a look at this and let me know if it works.

Workflow file: (283.4 KB)


First I tried to solve it by using Element Exists activity, but the element was still there even after it disappeared.
For this reason I took the attribute visibility by Get Attribute activity, and set the output [0 = visible, 1 = invisible] for the Flow Decision.